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CBD for pets

Hemp Oil for pets

CBD Oil is not only suitable for human use – you can also give it to animals. We are talking specifically about pets. Just like humans, theys have an endocannabinoid system. This is very important for the optimal functioning of the body. And CBD acts on the body’s own system. This means you can also use Hemp Oil for pets.

In this article we would love to share tips on how to use Hemp Oil for pets and what to take into account when purchasing CBD Oil for animals.

Hemp Oil for pets

Why should you use Hemp Oil for pets? It can help to improve their well-being. Just like with humans, the oil can have a calming effect. Is your pet quickly afraid of loud sounds for example, or is he quickly stressed when visitors come along? CBD Oil can help to relax. It also supports nervous animals like dogs and cats to get calmer. And if you have a pet that gets excited quickly, the calming effect of CBD Oil can be a solution. Hemp Oil can further provide support with pain complaints, such as arthritis. Because it does not contain THC, you do not have to worry that your dog or cat will get stoned.

What amount of CBD Oil to use

Of course it is important that you give the correct amount of CBD Oil to pets. The exact dosage depends on the size of your pet. The concentration of CBD in the CBD Oil also plays a role in determining the amount of drops that you can give to your four-legged friend. We would like to share a general guideline for determining the dose: 1 drop of CBD Oil per 5 kilograms of body weight. And a maximum of 3 intakes per day. So let’s say your dog or cat weighs 15 kilos, the calculation to make is 15/5 = 3 drops at a time.

Like we said, the percentage of CBD in the oil also plays a role. It is important to use a low percentage of CBD Oil for pets, preferably a maximum between 1% and 5%. The heavier your four-legged friend, the higher the percentage that you can use. For animals up to 10 kg, such as cats and small dogs, a percentage of 1% or 2% is recommended. For animals weighing around 30 pounds such as larger dogs, you can use 2% to 5%.

Please note! It is advisable to always start with a low dose to see how your dog or cat reacts to the CBD Oil. For example, start with 1 drop in the morning and in the evening. After about a week you can gradually increase the dose. Keep an eye on the behavior of your pet to see what the effect of Hemp Oil for pets is.

How to apply Hemp Oil for pets

For humans it is common to drop the CBD Oil under the tongue before use. This can be a tricky way of administering to pets. An alternative is to drip the drops onto the food or a snack. This way the CBD Oil is not absorbed through the mucous membranes of the tongue, but through the stomach and intestines of your pet. It is of course important that you make sure that all the food with the drops is being eating, otherwise you cannot check how much CBD Oil your dog or cat has received. Do you have questions about the use of Hemp Oil for pets? Please contact us. You can also consult a veterinarian if you have specific questions. For example about the use of CBD Oil in combination with other medicines. By the way, it is not recommended to use CBD Oil for pets during pregnancy or during the lactation period.