What are the effects of CBD Oil?

CBD Oil effects

If you are going to use CBD Oil, you probably want to know in advance what the effect is. Varias researches are being held to find it out. Scientists would like to determine the medicinal effect of CBD Oil. On the website of the US National Library of Medicine, you can find the results of some of these reports. General speaking it can be said that people who use CBD Oil are positive about the effects. How it is helping them? In this article we would like to show the effect of CBD Oil on its users.

CBD Oil effect on users

Users of CBD Oil indicate that the product helps them with physical and mental complaints. CBD Oil can offer support to people who have a lot of stress experiences or pain complaints. It is not scientifically proven that CBD Oil can cure diseases. But it can certainly help to reduce the symptoms of illnesses and pain complaints caused by MS and osteoarthritis, for example. People with these symptoms indicate that they feel more energetic, that the pain is reduced and that they sleep better when they use CBD Oil. Also people with epilepsy, rheumatism, Parkinson’s disease or ADHD, for example, indicate that CBD Oil helps to reduce symptoms. And the advantage is that CBD Oil does not get you stoned or high, since it does not contain any psychoactive substances such as THC.

CBD Oil effects: pain relief

CBD Oil is used amongst others by people with for example rheumatism and osteoarthritis as pain relief. A study published in the US National Medical Library shows that when CBD Oil was used, 43% of the participants experienced a reduction of more than 30% in pain. CBD would act on the central nervous system. This not only reduces pain, but it can also reduce inflammation in the joints. Stress and pain can also be relieved by the relaxing effect of CBD Oil.

Good night sleep

Many people with sleeping problems use CBD Oil. It is not scientifically substantiated, but users indicate that CBD Oil contributes to a good night’s sleep. Because it helps to relax, they fall into a deeper sleep. And this makes them wake up more rested.

CBD Oil with stress and anxiety

CBD Oil is often used for stress and tension, because of the relaxing effect. Research published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry shows that CBD Oil may have a therapeutic effect on people with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. There are also different studies done to research the effect of CBD Oil for people who suffer from anxiety. In one of the studies the participants mentioned they felt better after using CBD Oil. Brain scans even showed that the participants had a change in the blood flow in those regions of the brain that are linked to feelings of anxiety. Since up till now no side effects in the users are being reported for the use of the oil, the threshold to use CBD Oil is being lowered. Of course, it also helps that the product itself doesn’t have an side effects, unlike for example THC. Users of the product indicate that it at least helps them with changing moods and fears.

Use of CBD Oil in diseases

CBD Oil is regularly used by people with a (chronic) disease or disorder. Cancer patients use it for example during chemotherapy. It is reported that CBD Oil can not only help with pain complaints, it can also reduce nausea. The oil is also often used by epilepsy patients, because users report a decrease in the number of attacks. A publication in Elsevier Magazine shows a clear potential for the use of CBD Oil in the treatment of epilepsy.

In addition, users indicate that when they take CBD Oil, they experience an overall healthy state of mind. It can help with blood circulation and blood pressure, a better intestinal flora and (maintaining) strong bones.

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