What is Cannabidiol (CBD) oil?

What Is CBD Oil

CBD is the abbreviation for the word Cannabidiol. CBD is chosen by many people for its accessibility. CBD is namely a 100% natural substance which has few or no side effects. The CBD substance is made from the hemp plant and contains no psychoactive substances such as THC. One does not get stoned or high from using CBD. This means it can be used safely and safely by anyone, young or old. In addition, CBD has grown in popularity due to its wide spectrum of application options, making it a miracle cure for many people.

The Supraleaf CBD is purified chlorophyll-free, decarboxylated, degassed, full spectrum. In short, this means that you get the best quality CBD without added products. CBD oil has a wide range of health benefits to promote your quality of life, both physically, psychologically and socially.

Is CBD the same as cannabis or weed?

The answer is simple: NO! CBD is extracted from hemp plants, not from cannabis plants. Cannabis is the collective name for all types of hemp and weed plants that stem from the Cannabis Sativa plants. The hemp plant is the male variant, the cannabis plant the female.

Order CBD oil?

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